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Illegal, unregulated tobacco is costing Ontario taxpayers more than $750 million dollars a year.

That’s more than $2M every day. Its time to #StopTheLosses

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Confronting Issues

Over the last 15 years, hundreds of independently owned community convenience stores have permanently closed in Ontario. We need a change in government policy after the 2018 provincial election.

Who We Are

Hard working independent Convenience Store operators across Ontario are shutting down their stores at an alarming rate. Please help us “Save our Stores”.

We’re a coalition of convenience store owners led by the Ontario Korean Businessmen’s Association (OKBA), the largest organization of independent convenience stores in the province.

What People Are Saying

Lets unite and support each other. Its the only way to make change.

“The availability of illegal, untaxed tobacco undermines Ontario’s tax system, creates an unfair business advantage, and compromises the health and public safety of Ontario families. EY Canada’s line‐by‐line review estimates illegal tobacco accounts for $750 million in lost Provincial revenue annually.”

– Minister Vic Fedeli, 2018 Economic & Fiscal Review

“When the COVID lockdown happened some of our operators saw their legal tobacco sales increase as much as 50%. Customers told us that they couldn’t get access to their regular black-market supply, so they had to come back to the legal channel. Government had to have seen a massive spike in tobacco tax revenue. Surely, given the economic hardship Ontario is facing, we believe government should be doing everything possible to recoup that extra tax revenue.”

– Kenny Shim, OKBA Spokesperson

“Contraband cigarettes and organized crime go hand-in-hand. Contraband tobacco is a low-risk endeavor with a 300%-plus profit that supplies the cash to buy the cannabis, the cocaine, and the guns.”

–  Toronto Sun Reporter Mark Bonokoski

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