WHEN:             April 6th, 2022, 12:00pm EDT

WHERE:          Streaming live – OKBA Office, 175 The West Mall, Etobicoke, ON

HOW:               To attend in-person, please contact: Lindsay@grassrootspa.ca

To attend virtually, join the meeting on Zoom: To register please click here.

WHO:             Convenience store owners across Ontario, represented by Spokesperson Mr. Kenny Shim, OKBA President

WHY:               Over the past 10 years, the OKBA has lost close to 1,000 members, many of whom have closed their businesses permanently due to unfair competition from organized crime groups selling contraband tobacco in Ontario. According to the Ford government’s own admission, Ontario is losing up to $750M annually due to unregulated tobacco sales in the province. In addition, all the effective anti-smoking regulations implemented by government are ignored by illegal contraband traffickers. Law enforcement agencies have repeatedly reported that some contraband dealers also traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and are even involved in human trafficking.

The OKBA is launching this campaign to educate and inform candidates running for all political parties in the upcoming June 2 election about the devastating problem of illegal tobacco trafficking in Ontario.

                        For more information, please visit www.saveourstores.ca

Contact:          To arrange an interview with Kenny Shim, Chief Operating Director of the OKBA, contact Lindsay Yaciuk, 905-715-2788, Lindsay@grassrootspa.ca

The OKBA represents over 900 C-store owner members across Ontario.